Friday Giants re-energizes pop punk for the music-loving millennials

Combining the familiar sounds of A Day to Remember and Blink 182 from our punk phases, NKY natives Friday Giants revitalizes our pop punk past with their new release of “Twenty Nothings.”

Although Friday Giants have been around for awhile, the members have had some lineup changes.

The current lineup is vocalist Gavin Bonar, guitarists/backup vocalists Chuck Ralenkotter and Kyle Rhodes, bassist/vocalist Zac Taylor and drummer Logan Boatright.

“Twenty Nothings” is a CD for the millennials that captures a picture of college life and life in your twenties.

“It basically describes most of the people in their twenties,” Ralenkotter said. “It talks about, like, hating your job, not wanting to get out of bed. Just kind of not wanting to do anything because you don’t like the life you live at the moment.”

Rhodes added that being a millennial shouldn’t have a negative connotation.

“Yeah, we have dreams and we’re gonna go pursue them,” Rhodes said. “But we work really hard to get them.”

As the only original member, Ralenkotter said that this is has been a great band to work with.

“The things we argue about are not petty things,” Ralenkotter said of the present line up. “None of us think we’re pitted against each other. We’re like an old married couple.”

The band draws inspiration from bands like Avenged Sevenfold, A Day to Remember, Neck Deep and Logic the Rapper.

With this blend, Friday Giants wanted “Twenty Nothings” to be inclusive.

“There’s a song on there for everybody,” Rhodes said.

Because of this idea, one of Ralenkotter’s favorite songs on the CD is “Catch Me if You Can.”

“That was the first song we all collaborated on and wrote together,” Ralenkotter said. “I liked getting everybody’s little taste in it and it’s a good song to show how all of us write together and what all of our styles sound like when they’re put together.”

Rhodes’ favorite is “This isn’t a Love Song, it’s What I Need Right Now” which is the only song written by him since most of the CD was written before he joined.

“I’ve never had a song move me as much as that,” Rhodes said. “I felt the pain and I just love that song.”

Photo credit: Chris Hughes of Streetlight Studios

Rhodes had the song written in a day and they had it fully completed by the next band practice.

“Twenty Nothings” is a CD that the band is really proud to have made.

“Locally, none of us have put out something that’s gotten this much hype,” Rhodes said.

Rhodes even mentioned that a fan commented on their latest music video saying, “I feel like this band is going to revive the scene.”

“It makes you feel good,” Ralenkotter said. “Like you’re actually doing something.”

When asked where they saw the band going, Rhodes said that the rest of the year would be spent promoting and making new videos.

“It’s in our hands, but it’s not in our hands at the same time,” Rhodes said. “We’ve already started writing for our next album.”

Friday Giants will be playing with Here Come Here, Ocean Grid and Pilot Around the Stars at Southgate House Revival Saturday night. Tickets are $10 and you can find them here.
You can also support them in their pursuit of being on the Warped Tour lineup by viewing their video here.

Featured image credit: Chris Hughes of Streetlight Studios


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